• Training-of-Trainers in Ethical Production and Corporate Social Responsibility January 19, 2021 - COLEACP’s training-of-trainers in Ethical Production and Corporate Social Responsibility is taking place in two stages. Over 3 weeks in September 2020, online training was provided for French-speaking experts. Of 19 experts selected, 14 took part and successfully completed the training, which included practical exercises and group presentations. Participants attended from Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire,… Read more
  • LINGFIELD FARMS strengthens skills on Good hygiene practices and traceability principles December 24, 2020 - Lingfield Farm is a family-run horticultural producing company with more than 120 permanent and 300 casual workers. The company was supported by COLEACP to follow a training on « Good hygiene practices and traceability principles » for the technical staff on-site at the company’s premises in Gweru, Zimbabwe. This training aims to refresh and strengthen… Read more
  • Regional e-meetings on EU phytosanitary legislation, Brexit and more December 16, 2020 - During December, COLEACP began a series of regional e-meetings for National Plant Protection Organisations (NPPOs). The first was held in collaboration with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) on 4 December. It was followed by an e-meeting on 15 December for Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) countries. The third session, for Pacific… Read more
  • Zimbabwean horticultural companies reinforcing skills on internal auditing December 10, 2020 - COLEACP organised group training on internal auditing in Harare from 8-10 December 2020. Food safety, quality and traceability managers of Zimbabwean horticultural companies worked on their internal auditing techniques and practices. Conducting regular and professional internal audits greatly contributes to the maintenance and continuous improvement of any quality management system. After the group training, all… Read more
  • Farm Fare Feeds’ action plan to reach GLOBALG.A.P. compliance December 10, 2020 - Assisted by a COLEACP expert, Farm Fare Feeds has developed a detailed action plan to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. certification. As a first step, the technical team of Farm Fare Feeds followed intensive training on how to implement and successfully manage a quality management system that meets GLOBALG.A.P. requirements.The post Farm Fare Feeds’ action plan to reach… Read more
  • EU approval will not be renewed for six key PPPs November 30, 2020 - Key points EU approval will not be renewed for six PPPs that are important to ACP horticulture: – thiophanate methyl – mancozeb – imidacloprid – zeta-cypermethrin – haloxyfop-p – pencycuron How will ACP producers/exporters be affected? Non-renewal means that these PPPs can no longer be legally used within EU countries. But it also has an impact… Read more
  • Aspire Cooperative re-evaluates its business plan in response to Covid-19 challenges November 25, 2020 - After participating in the Business Survival Bootcamp organised by COLEACP in cooperation with the African Management Institute, Aspire Cooperative in Zimbabwe received individual e-coaching from a COLEACP business expert on strategic planning and cost management, to assist in planning and coping with the challenges resulting from the microeconomic consequences of the pandemic. Aspire Cooperative produces… Read more
  • Technical team of Zimbabwe Farmers Union reinforcing training capacity on Crop Protection and Safe Use of Pesticides November 18, 2020 - ZFU is the largest farmers’ organization in Zimbabwe in terms of number of members, representing over a million farming households. The technical team of ZFU, including capacity building managers and provincial managers, is following a training series to strengthen their technical and teaching skills to keep their member farmers up to date with the latest… Read more
  • Probest scales up its quality management system to meet GLOBALG.A.P. standard November 18, 2020 - With support from COLEACP as part of its Fit for Market programme, the technical team of Probest followed intensive training on how to scale up their Quality Management System to meet GLOBALG.A.P. requirements for two additional production sites. Probest is a Zimbabwean company specialising in production of fresh snow peas (mange-tout and sugar snaps) as… Read more
  • Business management e-coaching for Lucy Agricultural Development November 13, 2020 - Management staff at Lucy Agricultural Development Plc in Addis Ababa have just received remote training on good business management practices, and coaching on how to monitor and update an existing business plan. The training, given by a COLEACP expert from Kenya, was provided through the EU/AFD-funded Fit For Market programme. test Read more
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